We are aiming to  

  • Maximise our clients tax refunds
  • Provide professional advice
  • Give fast response to client’s question
  • Help the clients to get their refunds done quickly
  • Work for our client’s benefits


  • For salary and wages earner

    Premiere Accounting Solutions Ltd (trading as Kiwi Tax Refunds)helps ordinary salary and wage earners get your overpaid taxes back from the IRD.
  • For self-employed person and rental property investor

    We provide accounting and income tax services. Our team will help you save tax, maximise any refunds and keep you up to date with Inland Revenue.
  • For small and medium business owner

    Whether you run a small or medium business, for all your Financial Statements and Tax Returns (eg. GST returns, income tax) , we have the best solutions for your business growth financially with our professional Accounts advices.

Useful Links  

  • Individual IRD number application form IR595.
  • Apply working for family tax credits
  • Know more about your tax code
  • Tax credits donations, childcare and housekeeper payments IR525
  • Having questions with your Kiwisaver?
    Find out here


  • Before applying online
  • After online application submit
  • Some useful definitions
  • Acceptable forms of Photo ID list 
  • (For clients over 16yrs old and under 16yrs old)
  • Our fees




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