Frequently Asked Questions

How it works


Before Applying Online


1. Is my information safe with kiwi Tax refunds?        

Yes, all our clients’ information is kept confidential; as we are a registered tax agent with IRD we follow the Privacy Act 1993 to protect your information. We will never disclose your information without your expressed written consent except to Inland Revenue when requested.


2. I don’t have a driver license or passport, but can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you have an acceptable form of photo id, you can still apply with us. Please check Acceptable forms of Photo ID list.


3. How long does it take to get an estimate of my tax refund and how do I know if I get refunds or not? 

We will let you know the results within two working days after your application is received by our company. And our staff will notify you the result by phone or email. Please be ready to be contacted after you submit your application. You also can contact us to ask for the information.


4. What are the charges involved with getting a tax refund with Kiwi Tax refund?

You only need to pay for the low standard charges. There are no hidden fees at all.


5. How many years back can Kiwi Tax refunds claim for me? 

We can trace back for last five financial years (also called tax years), see the definitions of financial year under Useful definitions


6. If you find that I have tax to pay, do I have to pay it?

We only file a tax assessment if a refund is due, not if you are assessed as having tax to pay.


7. I am with another tax agent, how do I change to Kiwi Tax Refunds?

You can authorise us to do the tax refunds if you are not satisfied with your current tax agent. In order for us to become your official tax agent, you will be required to submit an application, which we will process. For your convenience, we will automatically organize your change to Kiwi Tax Refunds.


8. I'm not working, am I still able to get a tax refund?

As long as you have taxable income, e.g., bank interest, shares, dividends etc, you are still eligible to claim your tax refunds.


9. Why do you need me to provide the details of my bank interest, or dividends or Maori Authority distribution?

The details of your bank interest or dividends will help us to incorporate this into your tax calculations. So you need to inform us the amount of bank interest that you have received and RWT you have paid.


After online application submit

1. I selected my refunds not to be paid into my bank account when I submit the application; however, now I changed my mind, is it too late to change the way that I receive the refunds?
If you contact us within five working days after you submit your application, you are still able to change it.


2. I received a letter from the IRD, and it says I am linked to premiere accounting solutions ltd as my tax agent, I signed an application with Kiwi tax refunds, so who is Premiere accounting solutions ltd? And what does it mean when I am “linked”?
Kiwi Tax Refunds is part of Premiere Accounting Solutions Ltd (trading as Kiwi Tax Refunds) . For more information about our company, please read from about us. “Linked” means that Kiwi Tax Refunds is your Tax agent and you are linked with Kiwi Tax Refunds through IRD, your tax agent has the authority to act on behalf of you in order to verify and process your tax refunds. And after you are linked, IRD will send you the letter to confirm the details.


3. Is Kiwi Tax Refunds going to automatically do my tax refund next year?
We never do the tax refunds for clients without your permission, at the end of each financial year; we will contact you for asking your authorisation, if you do not want to continue you can say so when we contact you as we respect our clients’ choices.


4. If my personal information changes, do I need to update Kiwi Tax refunds?
Yes it is important that you advise us if your details will or have changed. As it will help with the accuracy of processing of your tax refund and also it ensures that the information we send to you is going to the right place.


Some useful definitions

1.A financial year or a tax year:
The dates for the financial year or tax year,which is from 1 April to 31 March.
Please remember this is different to a calendar year. And your tax refunds cannot be processed for the latest tax year until around mid June, e.g. for the tax year ending 31 March 2013, refunds will not be available until around June 2013.


2.Working for family tax credits
Working for Families Tax Credits are an entitlement for families with dependent children aged 18 or younger. It includes four different types of payments (tax credits). Find out more, please click here.


3.IRD number
An IRD number is a unique number issued to you by Inland Revenue. Your number will be in the range of 10-000-000 to 999-999-999, so some people will have an 8 digit number and others a 9 digit number. Your number will never change, even if you move to another country and then return to New Zealand some time in the future. We do not reallocate old numbers or issue every number in the range. This ensures the uniqueness of every individual or organisation's number.
If you have not got an IRD number, you can fill IR595 (individual) for applying one.
To find out more and how to apply an IRD number, please check here.


4.Terms and conditions
Please check here.



Acceptable forms of photo id


For clients 16 years old and over
You must have the following forms of photo ID if you apply your tax refunds online, It is required by the IRD.

New Zealand driver's license
New Zealand passport (please scan/copy the pages showing photo, name and specimen signature)
overseas passport with New Zealand immigration visa/permit (please scan/copy the pages showing photo, name, any pages showing current work, visitor permits, or residency documentation and a specimen signature) or call Inland Revenue on 0800 227 774 for exempt list
New Zealand firearms or dealers' license
New Zealand 18+ card
International Drivers' Permit (issued by a member country of the UN Convention on Road Traffic)
New Zealand certificate of identity (issued by Department of Labour or Department of Internal Affairs).


For a child under 16
Full New Zealand birth certificate issued on or after 1 January 1998. Birth certificates issued after 1 January 1998 carry a unique identification number. If you hold a birth certificate issued before 1 January 1998 and wish to hold a birth certificate with a unique identification number, contact the Department of Internal Affairs.
Plus full proof of the parent or guardian identity by providing one legible scanned copy of an identity document which must contain a photo as listed above.



Our fees


Tax returns for salary and wages earner


We only charge 14.95% of the refunds*

*This charge only applies to customers who apply tax refunds by using our online application service.

Note: The prices will vary for other sources of application. For more information, please call us on 0800 82 92 88.


Other Fees

IR3 filing fee

  • Anyone is required to file an ir3 tax return if 
  • he/ she received income without tax deducted 
  • he/she departed or arrived in the country part way through a financial year 
  • he/she received overseas income 
  • he/she received over $200 of scheduler payments (formerly withholding payments). 

One of our processing team officer will contact you if you are required to file an ir3.And we will advise you to file an ir3 tax return on your behalf. If you are found to have tax to pay and would like to proceed with the return, Our service fee is $50 per year(includes GST)

Investment property
For anyone who has investment property and received rental income, our service fee is $500 per year(Includes GST) on filing the tax return.

IR526 filing fee( rebate claim form)
Anyone who has made donations to the approved charites or school and want to file an ir526 for claiming the tax credits, our service fee is 10%+$10 processing fee.


a fee of $2 will be incurred if the client requires the refunds to be paid as a cheque $20 cancellation fee will be incurred if the client cancels the cheque