Terms and Conditions


I give authority for the tax agency Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited to obtain my information from Inland Revenue for all my tax types by any IRD contact method available such as telephone, internet, fax, info express and all E services.

I acknowledge that this gives Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited to do all of following:

1) Link my IRD number to their client list and if I already have a tax agent I understand that I will be delinked from my previous agent’s list.
2) prepare, submit, and sign tax returns and personal tax summaries on my behalf



I have read the fees structure and agree to these fees being deducted from my refund.
I agree that a separate fee structure would be applicable for clients with other sources of income.
I agree that if I require a cheque cancellation I will incur a fee of $20, and if I wish my refund to paid as a cheque I will incur a fee of $2. I agree that I am liable to pay any administration costs and fees incurred during debt collection should I owe Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited overdue amounts.



In respect of any tax refunds due to me, I give the following authorities:

1. For Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited to receive any refund on my behalf and deposit this into the Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited Trust Account;

2. For Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited to debit from such refunds a tax return preparation fee as set out above;

3. For Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited to pay the net balance of the refunds to me, either by direct credit into my bank account or by cheque as per postal address supplied with the filing authorisation.

4. Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited will not be responsible for cheques lost in the mail and recommends a bank deposit to avoid this risk. Should a cheque be lost in the mail the bank will charge a $20 cancellation fee and this fee will be deducted from the refund before a cheque is resent or a bank deposit made.



I accept that the timeframe for processing applications are indicative only.


5. DISCLAIMER BY Premiere Accounting Solutions Ltd.

Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited has relied upon the information submitted by the taxpayer and provided to it by the Inland Revenue Department. Therefore Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the material from which the Tax Returns/PTS’s have been prepared. I agree that I am liable for any payment required by the IRD as a result of Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited filing my tax return(s) or requesting my Personal Tax Summaries.



Information the company obtains in the course of this engagement is subject to confidentiality requirements, in addition to obligations under the Privacy Act 1993.
Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited will not disclose that information to other parties without your express consent, except as required by law.

Premiere Accounting Solutions Limited, PO Box 68049, Newton 1145 New Zealand